About the campaign

Depression looks different for everybody. Each person experiences it in their own way and there are many symptoms that can arise at different times. This campaign was created by WA Primary Health Alliance to help people recognise depression if it comes up in their own lives, or in someone they know, and direct them to where they can find the help that works for them.

To do this, interviews were conducted with four Western Australians who have experienced depression and their stories were documented. Four artists were then commissioned to each produce an artwork that would visually represent one individual’s experience of depression. Using the interviews, the artists were able to immerse themselves in the emotions of the participants and channel them into their art. The result was four very different artworks.

The participants and artists met each other for the first time when the artworks were unveiled. The experience for both parties was very positive. The artists felt incredibly honoured to be a part of the project. The participants were all deeply touched by the artworks and felt the artist had really captured their story. They also felt a sense of pride in being able to use their experiences to help others.

About The Alliance Against Depression

WA Primary Health Alliance is committed to providing leadership and action around the treatment of depression and anxiety and the prevention of suicide. In order to do this, it has adopted the Alliance Against Depression framework, a model that was successfully implemented in Nuremberg, Germany, where the suicidal acts fell by 24 per cent in just two years. This campaign was commissioned by WA Primary Health Alliance as part of that framework to increase public awareness around depression and its symptoms.

You can find out more about the Alliance Against Depression here.